Seminar – Quality improvement for the bakery – June 21, 2022 / Frankfurt

Back partner GmbH, based in Stuttgart, will hold a customer seminar on June 21 2022, in Frankfurt entitled “Quality improvements for the bakery”. On this day we want to highlight various aspects of quality improvement in and around bakeries. We have invited a number of specialist speakers to present practical topics.



June 21, 2022, 9:00 a.m. to approx. 3:30 p.m AMEDIA Hotel Frankfurt Airport

Anton-Flettner-Strasse 8, 65479 Raunheim

Topic overview

  • “Tradition meets current trends” from BÖCKER, a sourdough specialist in the 4th generation. Sourdough production is one of the oldest food fermentation processes. This ancient method has been on the rise for several years. The use of sourdoughs based on rye, spelled or wheat is used in bread and fine baked goods. Modern production processes bring decisive advantages when it comes to freshness, aroma and shelf life.

  • “High-Fiber Baked Goods with Enjoyment” from JRS. JRS the world leader in insoluble fiber. For more than 30 years, the JRS experts have understood how to extract pure roughage from plant-based raw materials in the agricultural and food industry. The nutritional and functional advantages of using plant fibers in baked goods. Their positive influence on the Nutri-Score are shown on the basis of application recipes and product reformulations that have been tried and tested in practice.

  • “The future of bakery and branch organization” by SEMCO. Service and organization specialist for bakery branches. The topic will be how you can use a holistic, scalable organizational principle in conjunction with industry experts and the digital industry solution SEMCO ONE to gain more time for the essentials while keeping your machinery in good shape and your employees happy.
  • “The fascination of fermentation – added value for your pastries” from the fermentation experts UNIFERM. In the dough maturing phase, aroma components develop that give the baked goods their characteristic structures and authentic taste. The lecture introduces a new method for using fermented fresh products based on natural grains, seeds, and fresh sourdough made from spelt, wheat, and rye. This allows the taste experience of the baked goods to be significantly and, above all, sustainably increased in a natural way.

  •  Back partner GmbH as a consulting and trading company for the bakery industry will use examples of specific production machines to show the influence on the quality of the end products. This involves consistent dough kneading, precise bulk water cooling and dosing as well as dough preparation using very gentle dough dividers and very compact multi-function dough sheeting systems.


We promise ourselves a very profitable day and look forward to seeing you.

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Registration and participation fee

The participation fee is EUR 20.00. You will receive the bank details with the registration confirmation.


To sign up and get more information visit the website of Backpartner GmbH.