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Spare parts / service

Daily we assist our customers over the whole world with parts/replacements for their Rijkaart production lines or units. Are you working with a: C. Rijkaart bakkerijmachine, Sasib Rijkaart or Rinc Europe line unit and are you looking for a replacement part? Feel free to contact us for a parts order quotation.

Requests can be sent to: laura.rijkaart@rinceurope.com

Rijkaart services

At Rijkaart we realize that the client’s production process is the most important thing, in our services we try to make that clear to you as our customer. This starts with the delivery of a machine that will give substance to the automation of your production needs, in your specific situation.

“We strongly focus on continuity, for clients as well as ourselves. From the knowledge and experienced garnered over generations, we assist you in the process and we will advise and realize the best solution.”


We offer guidance after delivery of a machine to ensure optimal use of the machine. Regular maintenance of the machine ensures stability and continuity of production.


Of course, your wishes and needs can change. Rijkaart is there for you when your production can be improved, for example, based on market opportunities. When new techniques are developed that are relevant to you, as our client you will be the first to know.

Our services are highly customized. This can, for example, consist of:

- converting existing production lines
- improving or expanding production lines
- modernizing electronics
- demonstrations and training in the use of our equipment
- revision of machines or parts
- maintenance of old Rijkaart machines

Our starting point is always your needs for optimal production.

Team of specialists

The same specialists that were involved with the setup of your machines will provide maintenance and help with any incidents, with knowledge of your situation and your equipment.

Service world wide

Service outside the Netherlands is offered by local service organizations with whom we have solid partnerships.

Reliability and reachability

For technical, first-line support in the case of machine failure, we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

You can contact Johan Hol, via johan@rinceurope.com.